Our Customers

Here in Central Florida, new construction is always underway. Whether you’re building office space, a school, or even a tourist attraction, there’s always something new springing up in your neighborhood. This means space is at a premium – and so is time.

For this reason, many local businesses turn to OLP Construction Inc, which offers a level of service and speed that other general contractors simply can’t match. Choose our general construction services in Central Florida today and find out why so many of our clients turn to us again and again.

Client List

• Turner Construction
• Barton Malow Company
• Clancy & Theys
• Jacobs
• Ajax Building Corp
• Charles Perry Partners
• Pirtle Construction
• Wharton Smith
• HJ Highs
• The Austin Company
• Gilbane
• Williams Company
• HOAR Construction

Contact us today to take advantage of any of our general construction services and learn why we’re the preferred local contractor. We proudly serve clients throughout Central Florida.