Entertainment Facilities Construction in Central Florida

Florida residents know that the Sunshine State is a popular destination for tourists around the world. That’s why, when you’re preparing to undertake entertainment facilities construction in Central Florida, it helps to have a contractor you can trust on your side.

OLP Construction Inc offers decades of experience with theme park and recreational facilities construction. Our skilled team has taken on projects across many different sectors—education, government, and aviation, to name a few – and we’re ready to bring our knowledge and resources to your next undertaking.

Our Projects

• Disney Sever Dwarf Mine Train Attraction – New roller coaster ride at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florid

Disney HUB New hardscape Addition to Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando Florida

• Fun Spot Addition – New roller coaster ride and building additions at Fun Spot in Orlando, Florida

• EPIC Theater in Clertmont 94,300 SF Tilt up Movie Theater Building in Clermont, Florida

• Project FIN – New roller coaster ride at Sea World in Orlando, Florida

Contact OLP Construction Inc today to learn more about our company’s experience with entertainment facility construction. We proudly serve clients throughout Central Florida.